Customer feedback insights, powered by AI

Identify the most important issues in your customer conversations, to improve your product and reduce churn

Conversation insights, automagically.

Say goodbye to manual tagging

No manual tagging

Prodsight uses clever NLP techniques, so you can track topics without manual tagging

Automatic topic suggestions

Prodsight automatically uncovers and suggests the issues that matter the most to your users

Sentiment Analysis

Understand your user by analysing sentiment, rather than solely focusing on volume

Weekly Email Reports

Get weekly trend reports, insights and changes delivered straight to your inbox

"Prodsight helps us analyze our Intercom client conversations. It mixes beautiful, usable design with powerful text analytics that allows us to pinpoint key issues collected from our users."
Michal Sadowski
Michal Sadowski
CEO at Brand24
"Prodsight helps inform our product roadmap. We discovered that customers were confused about the plans on our pricing page. We used Prodsight to identify points of confusion, which informed our redesign. After launching our update, Prodsight helped us measure the drop in conversation volume related to pricing, so we knew the update had a positive impact."
Richard Grulich
Richard Grulich
Product Marketing Manager at Storyblocks
"We had no stats on what users were saying in our Intercom conversations so we used our intuition when reporting on customer issues. With Prodsight we can easily track customer issues in real-time, assess impact and prioritise the right improvements for our users."
Sahil Makadia
Sahil Makadia
Operations at Catapult
"Prodsight makes it so easy to get actionable insights from your Intercom conversation data and puts you on a path to solving real problems for your customers."
Jeff Gardner
Jeff Gardner
Head of Partnerships at Intercom

Discover your most important issues

Prodsight automatically discovers topics mentioned by your customers.

Gain deeper insight and prioritise

Search within topics to identify underlying issues and prioritise what really matters

Measure the impact

Implement your product or support changes and measure the impact on conversation volume and sentiment

Insights for customer-centric teams

Make better decisions by listening to your customers

Product Management

Prodsight helps inform and prioritize product roadmaps by surfacing topics that matter to your customers.

Customer Support

Prodsight helps customer support teams reduce support volume by visualizing most common requests.

Customer Success

Prodsight helps customer success teams identify friction points in customer experience and identify reasons for churn.


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