Customer Insights for Product Managers

Identify customer problem areas with automated topic and sentiment analytics.

Gain deep Customer insight

A dashboard for tracking your customer issues & needs

Identify topics often mentioned by your users, drill-down to understand the underlying reasons and track performance over time.

Every customer conversation Automatically analyzed

No more guessing and anecdotes

Topic Analytics

Uncover topics that matter to your customers

Sentiment Analysis

Track how users feel about your product or service

Direct Integrations

Prodsight directly integrates with popular support systems


High-level overview of customer needs

Prodsight automatically groups conversation topics into high-level categories so you can stay on top of what matters to your customers.


Inform your product strategy

Every mention of a topic is automatically highlighted and searchable. Read all the mentions of a customer issue in a single place to identify, verify, and take action on the underlying issues.


Test your hunches quickly

You're likely to have a hunch about a customer issue but can't always put a number on it. With Prodsight Search you can instantly find all mentions of a customer issue and quantify it to determine what action to take.

Connect your data in a few clicks


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Learn how Prodsight can help your business

Use Cases

Track user issues

Prodsight automatically uncovers topics that matter to your users and ranks them by the volume and sentiment.

Reduce churn

Prodsight can help you uncover churn reasons by isolating topics mentioned by your churned users.

Prioritize Roadmaps

Prodsight helps prioritize product roadmap by identifying and quantifying customer issues and requests.


Customer testimonials

"Issues which caused the most friction for users immediately bubbled to the top in the Prodsight reporting."
Phil Hayes
Phil Hayes

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