🆕 Topic Merging

We have made major improvements to topic merging which will significantly improve the quality of your Intercom topics.

Automated topic merging 🤖

People often use different phrasing to describe similar things. For example “delete photo” and “remove photo” might mean the same but are technically two disctint topics. To ensure that you catch all related topic mentions in a single report, we already automatically merge duplicate topics.

However, due to the subjective nature of human communication, automatic merges might not always merge topics that you would consider similar. Likewise, sometimes topics that are synonymous might not mean the same thing in the context of your company.

Introducing Manual Topic Merges ✏️

To allow you to customise your topics, we have released new manual topic merging features. Now you can:

On the Dashboard, merge two or more related topics into one topic;

On a Topic View, unmerge previously merged topics.