Reduce customer churn with text analytics

Struggling with churn? Understand the main churn reasons with Prodsight's automated customer conversation analysis tool.

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How does it work?

Identify product pain points

Prodsight automatically analyses your conversations by topic and shows you the sentiment of those conversations. Quickly and easily identify negative topics that are being highlighted by churned users - and use that data to fix product pain points.

Isolate topics associated with churn

Prodsight isolates conversations attributable to churned users, broken into sub-topics which provide more context and insight into the underlying reasons for churn. Examine this data to highlight issues with your core service offering so you can address problems and reduce churn.

Track churn-related topics

Prodsight enables you to track topics where users mention canceling their accounts or where they report bugs. With this data, you can begin to understand specific churn reasons and, crucially, develop a plan for tackling churn, as well as charting churn reasons over time.

Measure the impact

You need to know whether your actions to reduce churn are actually making a difference. Prodsight allows you to visually track the reasons for churn over time so you can assess the impact of your initiatives, tweaking them as necessary.


Prodsight automatically syncs conversations with your support system.


Automate your customer conversation analysis with these powerful features

Topic Tracking

Sentiment Analysis

Topic Suggestions


Direct Integrations

Email Reports


GDPR Compliant

Tackle your churn today

Once you’ve identified why your customers are churning, you can start to address it. Let Prodsight make it easy for you to reduce churn and sign up for our seven-day free trial today.

"We had no stats on what users were saying in our Intercom conversations so we used our intuition when reporting on customer issues. With Prodsight we can easily track customer issues in real-time, assess impact and prioritise the right improvements for our users."
Sahil Makadia
Sahil Makadia
Operations at Catapult
"Prodsight helps us analyze our Intercom client conversations. It mixes beautiful, usable design with powerful text analytics that allows us to pinpoint key issues collected from our users."
Michal Sadowski
Michal Sadowski
CEO at Brand24
"Prodsight makes it so easy to get actionable insights from your Intercom conversation data and puts you on a path to solving real problems for your customers."
Jeff Gardner
Jeff Gardner
Head of Partnerships at Intercom
"It mines our conversations and helps us monitor what support questions are asked the most. This helps us keep on top of how've we can assist our customers."
Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie Johnson
SVP, Strategic Resources Group at Stratasan

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