🆕 Sub-topics for deeper insight

Prodsight already gives you the flexibility to track broad as well as specific topics. However, sometimes to obtain actionable insight you might want to drill-down further by slicing a topic into smaller sub-topics. Well, now you can with our new Sub-topics feature 🎉. How do the Sub-topics work? You can now sub-divide …

🆕 Canned text filtering

When it comes to topic analysis, the cleaner the data - the more accurate the results.But it's not uncommon for canned text (i.e. email signatures, spam emails, automated messages) to get mixed into your user messages. Since Prodsight works to uncover topics automatically, canned text can lead to generic or …

🆕 Sentiment Analysis Improvements

We've re-engineered how sentiment analysis works on Prodsight and are pleased to release the new improvements to all users.Improved accuracy Now, sentiment relates only to the topic mention you see in the mention table so it's more targeted and representative how your users feel about a particular topic.This also makes it easier to …

🆕 Dashboard for tracking topic trends

We've just launched 4 new ways to identify customer issues in Intercom and Zendesk conversations in one handy Dashboard. The brand new Dashboard will give you a real-time view into: trending topics to help you spot issues before they escalate 📈whether your starred topic volume is going 🔼or ⬇️most-mentioned topics in the last week/month/quarter 💬high-level categories yourrecent conversations fall into 🌏

🆕 Topic Editing

You can now improve the accuracy of topics by adding new terms to any topic. To try this, simply click Edit Topic on any topic.

🆕 Star topics to keep track of customer issues

You can now keep track of topics by starring them. All starred topics can now be viewed in one place which makes it easy to compare them by volume and sentiment. This is great for tracking bugs, collating common user questions, aggregating feedback on features and much more.

🆕 Topic and sentiment analytics for Zendesk

Following on from our successful Intercom integration, we have now brought the power of Prodsight to Zendesk. This means that Prodsight can now extract, analyse and generate meaningful insights from your Zendesk tickets on your customer experience issues. Prodsight is a topic and sentiment analysis tool that allows customer success, …

🆕 Topic Merging

We have made major improvements to topic merging which will significantly improve the quality of your Intercom topics. Automated topic merging 🤖 People often use different phrasing to describe similar things. For example "delete photo" and "remove photo" might mean the same but are technically two disctint topics. To ensure that you …

🆕 Topic Groups

Now topics are organised by group which gives a high-level overview of what areas matter to your customers. You can drill-down into groups to see the breakdown of specific topics. For example under a topic group "Photos" you might see "Upload Photos", "Delete Photos", "Edit Photos" with their respective mention and …

🆕 Conversation Search

Search for any phrase and instantly pull up relevant message examples. See suggestions of commonly occurring phrases in each topic. Relevant words and synonyms are highlighted in every message example.